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My husband took my travel size facial wash so I didn’t have any facial wash on my trip to Singapore. Since I had a four hour layover at Narita Airport, I decided to check out all the stores there to see if I could find a small facial wash to try out. At the Duty-Free Brand Boutique Mall, I discovered the Japanese beauty line, Yojiya.

Yojiya was founded in 1904 in Kyoto, first selling from a cart. Since then, they have expanded all over Japan, including to airports. They are known for their traditional makeup tools and natural skin care products.

I decided to try the Yojiya Facial Wash Paper Soap since it was unique (paper soap!) and easy to travel with.


  • Great for traveling! No need to worry about liquid spilling in your bag.
  • No fragrance or chemicals.


  • You need to make sure your hand is dry before grabbing the sheet of paper soap from the box.
  • Currently only sold in Japan.


I highly recommend this facial wash since it’s a great, simple, no nonsense facial wash to travel with. This product is even great to bring along with you to the gym to wash your face after a workout. I liked it so much that on my way back to the states from Singapore, I bought another pack of the facial wash. Make sure to grab one if you’re in Japan or have a layover there.


One pack comes with 20 sheets of paper soap. I discovered that one sheet makes too much foam for my face so I tear the paper soap into quarters, which is the perfect size. This means one pack can now last up to 80 washes for me.

What’s your favorite travel facial wash?

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  • i actually used their skin cream for a while. i bought it while i was in japan bc one of the girls i went with was obsessed with their stuff. i liked it!

    • Oh really?! Oh man … I was debating about trying out their moisturizer but since I didn’t know much about the company at the time and I only needed the facial wash, I just got that. I like the facial wash paper soap since it’s easy to travel with and gentle enough on sensitive skin. You can try it next time you visit!

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  • Soo Thoo Siew Kwan

    By the way, do this sheets have expiry date?

    • I don’t believe so since it’s not in liquid form but you should probably shouldn’t use it after a couple of years 🙂