Why I Use Facial Toners

Facial Toners 1I use to never take care of my face when I was younger. In high school I would just use water to wash my face. I started using facial soap in college. Eventually as I got older, I added more “stuff” to my face. Facial toner is the newest step that I added to my daily regime just last year and I love it!

Why facial toners?

Let’s take a step back into our chemistry class. Remember what pH is? A pH measure the acidity or basicity (alkaline) of a liquid from 1-14. Anything less than 7 is acid and anything more than 7 is basic. Even though 7 is considered a neutral pH level (think pure water), we want a more acidic pH for our skin. Why? A skin that is a bit acid allows it to fight off bacteria, thus preventing you from breaking out. The optimal pH level for skin is 5.5.

When your skin produce excess oil, your skin becomes acidic. If your facial cleanser has an alkaline pH level to combat your oily skin, then your skin will be too dry, which will lead it to produce excess oil, which leads to breakouts. This is why you should use facial toners to help “balance” your skin pH.

Benefits of using a facial toner:

  • Balance your skin pH level.
  • Hydrate your skin.
  • Increase absorption of skincare products.
  • Refresh dull skin.

What to look for in a facial toner:

  • Stay away from any toner that has alcohol since it strips your skin and destroys any beneficial ingredients in the bottle.
  • I personally avoid oils in my facial toner since I like my facial toner to be light.
  • Look for any anti-inflammation properties, such as sodium salicylate, to help counter all kinds of problems such as aging, redness, and breakouts.
  • Since facial toner is a pure form, I look for the first 5 ingredients to be organic or wild grown.
  • I’ve heard floral waters are great since they contain a lot of nutrients. There’s also some DIY for making your own rosewater toner.

Tips on using facial toners:

  • Other than using facial toners after washing your face, it’s great to carry around in your purse for a midday “refresh” spritz.
  • During long trips on planes, bring along a facial toner on your carry on so you can spritz your face on the flight to refresh your face since the air is so dry.

Some of my favorite facial toners:

Do you use a facial toner? If so, what’s your favorite?

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