Are Rome Tourist Passes Worth It?

Rome Pass 1Rome Pass 2I was definitely overwhelmed when I was planning the Rome trip since there was so many things I wanted to see. I was trying to figure out whether the Omnia Vatican and Rome Card or Roma Pass was worth it.

Before deciding whether to buy these passes, I first listed out all the places I wanted to visit. This way I could figure out how much each individual tickets cost me versus buying one of these passes.

Out of all the attractions I wanted to see, there was only two I had to pay money for. They were the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine.

The Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel
Individual cost: 16 euros
Individual + audio guide: 23 euros
Pre-sales fee: 4 euros
Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine
Individual cost: 14 euros – available for 2 consecutive days!
Free admission first Sunday of the month.
Total cost if bought individually with audio guide: 41 euros
Omnia Vatican and Rome Trip
Individual cost: 95 euros – valid for 3 days
Includes both Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel and Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine. They also say St. Peter’s Basilica is included but it’s free to get in!  
Includes hop-on-and-off bus tour.
Roma Pass
Individual cost: 36 euros – valid for 3 days
48 hours pass: 28 euros
Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine is included but not the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel.
Includes public transport network.

In the end, I decided it wasn’t worth it for us to get the passes. It made more sense for us to buy tickets individually. Plus I didn’t want to feel “pressure” to visit some of the other attractions that cost money just to get my money’s worth.

My advice would be to first plan out all the sights you want to see especially if you’re there for a limited time. Then figure out which ones you have to pay for. And then calculate what the total individual cost are. Check if those attractions are covered by the passes and then calculate the difference between the total individual cost and the pass. You can’t trust the passes website on how much those attraction costs since I’ve noticed they marked them higher than it actually is so be careful! Also, if you buy tickets ahead of time, you can skip the line and go to the front. You don’t need one of these passes to skip the line.

Have you used any of these tourist passes before? Did you think it was worth it?

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  • Interesting assessment! I always do the same thing whenever I go to a big capital but it almost NEVER turns out to be worth it! I just don’t like that added pressure to see it all, and I prefer to go at a slower pace anyway. But I can see how it would be good for the kind of travelers that want to see 3 museums a day, or something like that.

    • I know!! I’m the same way. I hate feeling pressure having to see everything especially if you bought a pass for it.

  • This is really good to know! When I went to Rome, those were the only sights I spent money on too – so I’m really glad I didn’t buy a tourist pass. One must save their pennies for multiple gelatos per day, right? 🙂

    • Haha great minds think alike 🙂 Oh yeah!! Can never have enough of those gelatos!!

  • Yeah we definitely just bought the individual passes when we went to Rome. It already felt pretty hectic without knowing we had to go to all of them to make our money worth it!

    • yeah i know! i hate the pressure feeling of having to see them all to get your money’s worth! so much better buying them individually!

  • There is so much to see in Rome! It’s almost overwhelming. No it is overwhelming. I was only in Rome for a day and a half, so I think you can understand my troubles.. not enough time!! I am hoping to go back one day and if so, definitely using this advice! 😀

    • I know! I was so overwhelmed planning my trip to Rome since I wanted to see everything! Oh man – if I only had a day and a half I would be so stress since it would be so hard to prioritize all the sights! What did you do for 1.5 days there? Hope you got to see and eat good food there and yes you have to go back!! It was so much fun and one of my favorite European city 🙂

  • Chuck Smith

    I was wondering if you spent any money riding the public transportation while in Rome. Did you factor that cost in as well? Seems the Rome Omnia card offers transportation according to their website.

    • I actually didn’t use any public transportation since it wasn’t that convenient plus the bus was a bit confusing. Never did figure out which bus was for which routes. If you stay in Rome, you can just walk everywhere, which is we what we ended up doing. Rome is actually quite small so it’s walkable. If you do end up taking the transportation, then I would recommend the Rome Omnia pass! Hope this was helpful!