May 2015 Goals

April 2015 Collage_FotorThoughts/updates this month:

  • This month was my husband’s birthday. Yay! We kept it low-key and just had drinks at a bar with some friends.
  • I cut my hair short! Eek! It’s so weird to have short hair since it’s been a while since I last cut my hair this short. I’m not sure if I like it since I think it makes me look older :p
  • It was so weird when I came upon this article randomly. I’m not sure if you heard of Jin or not but he was really popular in the early 2000s when he first appeared in BET doing freestyle rap battles with other contestants and winning seven weeks in a row (you can see a few of clips of the freestyle rap battles here). I was a supporter of Jin since he didn’t let his race or family prevent him from doing what he loves plus there weren’t many people on TV that looked on me. In college, I threw a “club party” with a group of friends and our special appearance to lure people into our party was Jin. I was a bit disappointed when I first met him though since he was a bit too arrogant for my liking. It’s been 10+ years since I even thought of Jin which was why it was so weird to read an article update on him. I’m glad to hear that he’s trying to make a come back and he found God during the journey 🙂
  • I thought this video was really interesting. I never thought of how a language can tell you about a culture mindset but it’s true. This explains why there are certain words in Mandarin and Taiwanese that I don’t know how quite to translate in English but part of that is a culture thing. For example, “jia you” (加油) literally means “filling a machine with gas” but it can also be used to cheer someone on and a form of encouragement. I was sadden when Tim mentioned that every two weeks on planet Earth, another language dies. It’s not just the language that dies, but also the culture and history that goes away. I think that’s one of the reason why my husband and I don’t see eye to eye on learning Taiwanese. He wants our future kids to only learn Mandarin and not Taiwanese since he thinks Taiwanese is a dying language and it’s not useful in the world. That may be true, but I don’t want my future kids to forget their heritage and where they come from. On a side note, you should check out  Shannon’s blog if you’re interested in learning a new language. She has some awesome tips and language websites to check out 🙂
  • I just found out that Nectar Collective is no longer hosting the Weekly Wishes linkup. I wasn’t sure if I should still continue my monthly goals but I decided to continue on since it’ll hold me accountable for my goals and I get to reflect back on the month.

Last month’s goals:

  1. Catch up on #365DaysOfTruth plan and complete month 4. I’m a few days behind for the month of April. Need to catch up!
  2. Read one book this month. Didn’t finish any books this month 🙁
  3. Study and take one exam this month. Completed!
  4. Complete “Pre-Corps Engagement”. Completed!
  5. Bake/cook one new recipe this month. I made my first vegan cupcakes and roasted a chicken on a bundt pan. The frosting on the vegan cupcakes were a bit sweeter than I liked but at least it was balanced with the non-sweet chocolate cake.
  6. Check out a new restaurant. Out of all the new restaurants I tried this month, Zazang Korean Noodle and Sotto Mare is on top of the list.
  7. Workout twice a week. Somehow the last two weeks I didn’t have much motivation to workout so I need to get back on the horse.
  8. Blog once a week. I missed one week 🙁

This month’s goals:

  1. Catch up on #365DaysOfTruth Plan and complete month 5.
  2. Focus on studying calculus.
  3. Read one book this month.
  4. Donate at least a box of stuff to Goodwill.
  5. Workout once a week.
  6. Blog once a week.
  7. Take more pictures of people! 🙂

What are your goals for this month?

  • Look at all that yummy food you ate! I need to see a picture of your haircut! I’ve actually been thinking about cutting my hair too! My hubby said that if I stick to my workout goals he will reward me come August 😉

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Jin, but man, he’s incredibly talented! I have always wondered if I was given the opportunity to meet one of my favorite celebrities, if I would fall through or not. I think I would probably be hesitant, only because I fear that they would destroy the image I’ve created of them ha ha! But man, how exciting to know that he found God through the journey of it all; I hope he’s a better person now, to say the least 😉

    Have you received Angelfall!? Read it!! The final installment will be released this month!! 😀

    Claudia @ My Soul Called Life

    • Haha I love food! Yea I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair short for a while and when I went to the hairdresser, I just decided there to cut it short. It’s not that short – just to my shoulder but much shorter than it was before. You should do it if you’ve been thinking about it! One great thing about hair is that it grows so even if you don’t like it, at least it’ll grow out!
      Yeah I know what you mean! It’s like we have this imagine of these celebrities but they’re probably not the same when we meet them in person. Maybe it’ just best to not meet them haha. I was really happy that Jin found God 🙂 Only he can fulfill us!
      Yes! Esther sent me Angelfall but I haven’t read it yet! Ugh. I also want to read Cinder. It’s like sitting on my desk next to my computer and every time I see it I’m like I need to read it! I’m taking a couple of trips this month so hopefully I can read it on the plane! Will keep you posted!

  • Good luck with the calculus, I hated it! I like the idea of trying new restaurants, though. I’m really bad about picking my favorites and only going there.
    I definitely need to blog more, but it so often ends up at the bottom of my to-do list! I think I just need to sit down and pre-write and schedule a bunch at a time so I don’t have to worry about it mid week.

    • Thank you! Yeah … calculus isn’t my favorite subject neither … ugh … I just gotta do it! I’m the same way! After I find a restaurant I like, I just keep going back and it’s worst since I also end up ordering the same thing haha. Dude blogging is handwork! I never realized how much goes into blogging until I started one so I feel you! Do you use Evernote? I find that helpful just to have a notebook dedicated for my blog to write down ideas and drafts.

      • I’ve tried Evernote, I have it on my phone and installed in Chrome and everything… I just don’t use it. My planner has spots for notes when I think of something, it’s just (sadly) usually the last think on my mind

        • Yeah I feel ya. Don’t be too hard on yourself! I think we all go through these moments. Just think of tomorrow another day to start new 🙂

  • Thank you for the mention! The fact that a language dies every two weeks also makes me sad. Best of luck with your goals this month. I also need to work on taking more pictures of people. I tend to take too many photos of buildings.

    • Thank you! Haha yeah I take too many pictures of food :p

  • my mom never taught me teochew growing up; i wish i had learned from her when i was young because that’s our origin; its really frustrating when i cannot chat with my cousin who only speaks french/teochew and i speak english/khmer.

    i recognize david’s concern that mandarin is the way to go since it’s china’s official language, but indeed, you don’t want to lose your heritage, especially if some of your family only speaks taiwanese and not mandarin. you can still teach your future kids taiwanese. =)

    • Yeah I know what you mean by the frustration not being able to speak to a family member in the local language.
      Haha my taiwanese isn’t that good! I’ll need my parents to teach them :p

  • aww man i need to go to sotto mare! 🙁 i keep hearing about it.. and that last time we ended up going to that chinese place instead.. when we went with jacob’s friends. Which book are you gonna read? I just finished the 3rd one of the World After series. 😛 I got so hooked even though the dialogue is so high school. You have the first one now right? 🙂 It’s the one that Claudia gave me and I got hooked.

    • We can go next time you’re in SF! I didn’t know that was the place you wanted to go to last time haha … one of David’s place made reservation at this place. Umm probably going to read Cinder or the book you sent me from Claudia! I’m so behind on my reading … I think I’ll just have to read a bunch once I’m done studying for calculus!

      • I don’t know about the other book.. but the one I sent u from Claudia.. I read in like 2 days… :/ I stayed up till 6AM. It’s a page turner. The second book was slow, and then the third book I read again in 2 days.