Favorite Eats in Rome

Rome Food 6_Fotor_CollageGli Angeletti – lasagna with salmon, penne with chili, tomato, garlic, parsley, and chicken meatball soupRome Food 1_Fotor_CollageRistorante Il MiraggioRome Food 2_Fotor_CollageAndrea Ristorante – noodles with crab (delicious!), beef ragu, fish, dessertsRome Food 3_Fotor_CollageLa Tavernaccia – fettuccine & meatballs, lasagna, margherita pizza with prosciuttoRome Food 7_Fotor_CollageOsteria da Fortunata – strozzapreti-carbonara, vegetable (cherry tomatoes & green beans), sciavatelli-amatriciana. I love how there’s a lady there making fresh pasta for everyone to see. The pasta is amazing!Rome Food 5_Fotor_CollageLa Botticella – oxtail roman style, grilled lamb chops, noodles pasta with garlic, oil, and spicy peppersRome Food 12_Fotor_CollagePizza Rustica Birreria, Forno Campo de’Fiori (flower & anchovy pizza, prosciutto pizza), Antico Forno Roscioli (pesto mozzarella tomato pizza, prosciutto pizza)Rome Food 4_Fotor_CollagePicNic Villa Borghese (affogato, latte macchiato)Rome Food 11_Fotor_CollageTazza d’Oro (cappuccino, granita di caffe con panna), Tazza  d’Oro (caffe orzo, cappuccino), Oratorio Bistro (americano, cappuccino), Sant’Eustachio Il Caffe (grand monocello, cappuccino)Rome Food 15_Fotor_CollageGelateria del Teatro (lavender & peach, four chocolate), Punto Gelato (dark chocolate with caramel praline almond, dark cherry), Fatamorgana, Gelateria del Teatro (garden sage & raspberry, mango)Rome Food_Fotor_Collage_FotorMy home cooked Italian night dinner: basil tomato tartlets with mushroom truffles, squid ink pasta, orecchiette pugliesi con come di rapa, mille-crepe tiramisu

Visiting Rome for the first time, the one thing I didn’t expect was falling in love with the food! Almost everything we ate there was delicious. I still dream about the food there and try creating my version of Italian food. It’s not as good as being in Italy but it’ll do for now.

My top 3 favorite restaurants:

  • La Botticella (everything we had here was delicious! pasta, oxtail roman style, lamp chops. there’s lots of bars nearby so it’s a great place to grab a bite and then go to a bar to drink.) 
    Via Tor Millina 32
    00186 Rome, Italy
  • Osteria da Fortunata (homemade fresh pasta – so good! there’s a lady there that makes pasta in the middle of the restaurant. it’s also close to a square for you to hang out after you’re done with your meal.)
    Via del Pellegrino 11
    00186 Rome, Italy
  • La Tavernaccia (thanks Esther for the recommendation! they don’t have an english menu so bring a translator or ask the server to help you translate the menu, which is what we did. the only downside to this restaurant is that it’s hard to get to. we had to call a cab to come here. it’s in a quiet neighborhood so there’s not much to do after you finish a meal except go home. you can ask them to call you a cab once you’re done with your meal.)
    Via Giovanni da Castelbolognese 63
    00153 Rome, Italy

Favorite pizza spots:

Favorite coffee spots:

Favorite gelato spots:

  • Gelateria Del Teatro (i love it so much i came here twice!)
    Via dei Coronari 65
    00186 Rome, Italy
  • Punto Gelato (a local gave us this recommendation)
    Via dei Pettinari 43
    00186 Rome, Italy

Have you been to Rome? What’s your favorite restaurants there?

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  • Oh my… If I wasn’t hungry before reading this post, I am now! So good. I loved all the gorgeously simple Italian food in Rome… mmm!

    • i know! it’s so simple yet so good!! why can’t i find food like that here?!

  • What a great collection! And where was this post earlier today? I woulda modeled my entire grocery shopping trip off of these dishes and photos. Foodspiration 🙂 If I ever go to Rome, I am coming back to look at your post again first!

    • Hahaha well you can always make pasta next week! Yay! Thanks! 🙂

  • We are thinking about going to Rome soon and I am BOOKMARKING this post!!! Everything looks so incredible. especially the gelato…of course!

    • Oh yeah … the gelato … man my mouth is watering just thinking about it :p You should go to Rome!! I miss it!!

  • Heading to Rome this weekend and will be on the lookout for these spots!!

    • Oh yeah! Let me know if you try any of them out and how you like them!

  • Hello, food porn! This puts the spaghetti I made for dinner tonight to shame. That garden sage + raspberry and lavender + peach gelato though… I need that. Right now. So badly!

    • Hahaha i’m sure your spaghetti was still delicious! You can’t beat home cooked food! Oh man I know those flavor gelato was my favorite!! I haven’t found anything as good *sigh

  • Oh my gosh, all that food looks so good! The coffee, gelato, and pizza especially… now I’m hungry!

    • i know! every time i look at the pictures i get hungry!!