Customized Lipsticks at Beauty Bite Lip Lab in NYC

One of my friends living in NYC told me that Bite Beauty had a store in Soho where you can customize your lipsticks. I was excited since Bite Beauty is one of my favorite lipsticks because of their safe ingredients and beautiful colors (reviewed here). Once I knew I was visiting NYC, I had to add this store to my itinerary.Bite 1Wall of lipsticks. I thought they looked like truffles 🙂Bite 9This is the size of the store. Super small! I went with one of my friend to get our customized lipsticks.Bite 8The three-steps process getting your customized lipsticks. The first questioned they asked us was if we wanted day or night lipstick colors. I wanted a night (red) lipstick and my friend went with day (nude) lipstick color. The next question they asked was if we wanted a matte look or a shiny look. I went with matte.Bite 4My customized color specialist.Bite 5My customized lipstick color in the making. Bite 6Trial #1Bite 7Trial #2Bite 11My final customized color!Bite 10My friend’s final customized color.Bite 2After finalizing the color, you choose what scent you want for your lipstick. I went with violet.Bite 12After choosing the scent, you get to choose a cap for your lipstick. I went with the one on the right.Bite 13Our lipstick colors in the container.Bite 14Went through a machine to blend all the colors together, which resulted in a melted version of our lipstick.Bite 15The lipstick then got poured in a cold mold. You can tell that area is cold by the frost on the table top.Bite 16After about 10 minutes, our lipsticks are ready to be pulled out of the mold.Bite 17She’s inserting the lipstick tube into the lipstick.Bite 18Tada! My friend’s final customized lipstick! We had to wait 30 minutes before being able to use it.Bite 19This is my final customized lipstick. Cost $36

Bite Beauty Lip Lab
174 Prince St
New York, NY 10012
(646) 484-6111
Tips on visiting Bite Beauty Lip Lab:
  • Try to make an appointment over the phone since it’s a small store and they can only take a number of people each day.
  • If you’re not able to make an appointment because they’re fully booked, go early in the morning before they open. They accept walk-ins. There were a couple of people waiting outside when we got there shortly before they were opening. We added our name to the wait list and walked around Soho. It took about an hour before they gave us a call.
  • Try to go with a friend. It’s more fun plus you have someone to give you an opinion on the lip colors. Also, you might just get an extra tube of lipstick. My friend and I liked each other’s color and was talking about it. Our color specialist was nice enough to give us an extra tube of each other’s color since there was extras. Score!
  • Make sure to keep the color card they give you if you want them to make the exact same color again next time. Or take a picture of it so you have an archive of the color.
  • If you’re not able to go to NYC to get your own customized lipstick, you should still check out their products online. I love their duo lipsticks.

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  • oohh.. interesting! i didn’t know that’s how they make lipstick.

    • I know! It was really interesting to watch them make it.

    • and this was what we were wearing in vegas! 🙂

      • haha that’s right! good memory!

      • oh really!! ^.^ !! wait it was hsiao’s lipstick or yours?

        • oh nevermind.. i think only I tried it.. remember there was a day you refused to wear red lipstick? 😛

  • aww i wanna do this!! can we do a trip to nyc?

    • yeah maybe our next reunion should be in nyc!! =D