April 2015 Goals

April 2015 Goals_Collage_FotorThoughts/updates this month:

  • I got the test result of my first exam and passed! Yay! 🙂
  • I just discovered there is a library one block away from me! Finally got a library card in Cali. I thought it was so fancy that I could choose my own library card design.
  • I went to an underground supper club. It was an intimate dining experience with 12 people. I didn’t know what to expect but it turned out to be a fun experience. The food was delicious and everyone was really nice. It’s funny how random people can gather together and socialize for good food.
  • I really enjoyed this post by Ken Wytsma. This made me realized that my sense of urgency and busyness is probably part of the reason that is keeping me from hearing God’s voice. I’m trying to slow down and have some quiet moments with God and not just quick, short prayers to God. If my brain is always preoccupied with something, how can I hear God’s voice? Apparently this post is partially adapted from his book, which I added to my list of books to read.
  • After reading this article, I decided to not buy anymore k-cups. I finally bought an individual dripper and grinder (BTW you should get a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder for coffee beans. Blade grinder cuts the coffee beans and the heat from the blade can cause the coffee to have a burnt taste while a burr grinder crushes the beans to release the aroma of the coffee beans and provides a more consistent grind). Wow! What a big difference the taste of my coffee is now. It taste so much better and is better for the environment. Only downfall is that it takes more time in the morning to prepare a cup of coffee.
  • The documentary “aka Dan: Korean Adoptee Story” was a really touching story. The part I cried the most was when he met his biological mom. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for her to wake up and realized her husband gave up one of their son up for adoption and there was nothing she could do since the paperwork was completed. You can watch this documentary here.
  • “Under the Dome” is another great documentary about China’s smog by Chai Jing. I never realized how bad China’s pollution was until watching this documentary. Can you imagine growing up and never seeing stars or clouds in the sky before? Or not being able to venture outside to play for half the year because the air isn’t safe to breathe in? I’m glad Chai Jing is bringing this to light so people in China can make a change. You can watch the documentary with English subtitle here.

Last month’s goals:

  1. Read month 3 of #365DaysOfTruth plan. Yikes! I’m a week behind! It’s scary how easy it is to get off course.
  2. Read one book this month. Completed! Have you ever watched Judge Judy on TV? I really enjoyed watching her show on TV when I was a kid since I liked how fair, honest, and smart Judy Judy was. I didn’t know she wrote books, which shouldn’t be a surprise, but she just recently released a new book called “What Would Judy Say?: Be the Hero of Your Own Story”. She’s offering the book for free (you can download a copy here) but she asks you to donate to Stand Up to Cancer if you found any of her advice useful. It’s a quick, easy read and I enjoyed reading it. Big take away for me was for me to define my worth and to take risks. I found it useful and donated to her cause 🙂
  3. Study and take two exams this month. Completed. I feel good about one of the exam but the other one I feel like I bombed. *sigh. Oh well.
  4. Complete “Who Am I” portfolio reflection. On target to complete by April 1! This was a lot harder than I thought since I really had to look inside myself.
  5. Bake/cook one new recipe. Sadly this didn’t happen.
  6. Workout once a week. Completed!
  7. Blog once a week. Completed!

Goals for next months:

  1. Catch up on #365DaysOfTruth plan and complete month 4.
  2. Read one book this month.
  3. Study and take one exam this month.
  4. Complete “Pre-Corps Engagement”.
  5. Bake/cook one new recipe this month.
  6. Check out a new restaurant.
  7. Workout twice a week.
  8. Blog once a week.

What are your goals for this month?

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  • i’ve been using aeropress and i feel like you would like that too!! 🙁 but i’m sad that you’re not gonna use k-cups anymore. oh well time to move on to bigger and better! 😀 so glad you passed the first exam!! finally emailed you back those questions… uhm they were really hard to answer. i don’t even know half the answers for myself. i might to terrible in an interview.

    • Oooo I was debating between the two! Yeah I know … sorry! I just feel bad for the environment. You know me. Yeah this whole “Who Am I” part is tough! It’s hard to be introspective about ourselves and learn to be open and vulnerable. *sigh.

  • Your pour-over cone is cute!! My husband does pour-over for his coffee at home too. I think it does make a better cup of coffee, I can actually distinguish more of the flavor characteristics when it is brewed that way. Best of luck on your April goals!

    • Thank you for the support! Yeah it’s kinda crazy how much more flavor is develop from a pour-over versus using a machine.

  • Hsiao-Ting you passed! Oh my gosh yay! I know how much this meant to you, so I’m just cheering with you 😀

    I remember watching Judge Judy too, I too was mesmerized by her candor, she’s so legit. She would be someone I would want to get advice from ha ha! I didn’t get to work out at all in March, but guess what!? I just purchased the 21-Day Fix Beach Body fitness program and am on my 3rd day in; it’s intense and I’m so sore 🙁 I am hoping to see some results by the end of the month 🙂

    • Thanks Claudia for your support! =D

      Haha yeah Judge Judy is definitely a smart cookie that I wouldn’t mind having as a mentor! Oooo that’s exciting! Tell me how the 21-Day Fix Beach Body fitness is! Soreness is good since that means your body is getting a good workout! Once you’re done with that workout, you should check out Blogilates. She has some pretty good workout that I also do at home. http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2014/12/30/new-beginners-calendar-2-0-for-2015/

      • I’ve seen this Blogilates before! She’s so incredibly friendly and welcoming; I’ll definitely be checking her out some day soon 🙂

  • Started watching aka Dan. Wow. What an incredible story.

    • Yeah it’s an incredible story. I hope you like it!