48 Hours in Philly

One of my husband’s good friend was getting married in Philadelphia. My husband, David, was excited about going back to Philadelphia since that’s where he went to undergrad and he wanted to show me around his campus.

This is a recap of my weekend trip in Philadelphia.

The groom was from Pakistan so they had a Mehndi on Friday night (the day before the wedding). Mehndi is a pre-wedding ceremony celebration.

Philly 1The groom entering.

Philly 2The bride entering.

Philly 3This was my first time getting henna done. Apparently it’s popular to get henna done the night before the wedding since it represents good luck and fertility.

Philly 4Since the wife was Jewish, they had a Jewish wedding, which included the ketubah (marriage contract), chuppah (wedding canopy), and the breaking of the glass.

Philly 5Beautiful wedding ceremony setting.

Philly 7They had a naked wedding cake (no frosting on the outside of the cake). It was delicious!

Philly 8The hora (chair dance).

Philly 14Breakfast at Reading Terminal Market with my elementary school friend. Reading Terminal Market is an enclosed public market that sells all types of groceries, produce, flowers, etc. Unfortunately a lot of the stalls were closed when we went on Sunday.

Philly 9Being a tourist in Philadelphia, I had to check out the Liberty Bell. Did you know it was sent from England and cracked the first time it was rung? Free to get in!

Philly 10Independence Hall is where both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution was debated and adopted.

Philly 11South Street is a diverse and urban mix of shops, bars, and restaurants.

Philly 12Jim’s Steaks is one of the famous philly cheesesteak place on South Street so of course we had to get one. The line was wrapped around the corner at 16:00. We waited 45 minutes.

Philly 13Took us 10 minutes to inhale the sandwiches. The left has whiz cheese and the right has no cheese (that’s mine!). Meat was a bit overdone but still good.

Philly 15We randomly went to a comic store that had Sailor Moon arcade! How awesome is that?! Of course we played 🙂

Philly 16Also visited Chinatown. Kinda small.

Philly 20Penn campus. So pretty!

Philly 21Famous LOVE sign at Penn.

Philly 22They randomly have Benjamin Franklin’s split button sculpture.

Philly 23This was David’s dorm but it was closed for the summer. Too bad we couldn’t go inside since it reminded me of Harry Potter’s school.

Overall Philadelphia was a nice, quaint city. It kinda reminded me of Boston but smaller. It was quiet since it was the summer so school was out. I think a weekend is the perfect amount to explore Philly.

Top Philly Steak Restaurants to Try in Philly:

  • Jim’s Steaks
  • Geno’s
  • Pat’s

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  • wait is that the original love sign? 🙂 i did not know that.. i always just thought it was NYC. also i like that dress on u! 🙂

    • not sure but philly is the brotherly love. i think there’s a lot of replicates out there :p thanks! it’s an old dress :p

  • Weddings with different traditions like that are so cool! I mean you get to witness two different traditions! I really want to get henna done 🙂 Also that cake is beauty!
    Philadelphia seems so full of history, I’d love to visit! And he went to UPenn, wow, so cool! Just the door looks like hogwarts 🙂

    • Yeah I agree! It was really cool I got to experience two different wedding traditions. The cake was really unique since I never saw a naked wedding cake before plus it was yummy!

  • Philly looks like such a fun city! And that henna is GORGEOUS. I love to hear about wedding traditions across cultures. 🙂

    • I know! It’s so cool to see different cultures merged at weddings. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  • Your photos are amazing! Both the sandwiches look delicious. Love the photo of the gate to Chinatown and of you with the Liberty Bell. Looks like you had a great time!

  • What a lovely wedding – so cool that they incorporated elements from both their cultures. Looks like a fab weekend!

    • Yea i really like how they incorporated both of their culture in the wedding too! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  • Sailormoon game?! I want to play! I love Sailormoon.

    Btw I like your teal dress! It’s a good color on you. I also love the brides wedding gown- very elegant!!

    • i know!! me too 🙂 that was my first time seeing a sailor moon arcade game.

      thanks!! i’ll remember that 🙂 yea i know! doesn’t her dress kinda remind you of a goddess? she got really lucky with the dress — she actually bought it on gilt and there was only one dress! isn’t that crazy?

      • seriously? her dress is such an awesome find. It’s very great Gatsby.. Plus she could totally re-wear it.

  • Love the bride’s gown and hair do! I’ve never been to Philadelphia but it has some sort of British vibes from your pictures haha

    • Really?! haha i’ll take that as a compliment 🙂 Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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