2017 Year in Review

Happy new year everyone!

I know in my previous post, I said I would re-start this blog but I didn’t fully appreciate how little time I would have to myself after giving birth. But now that Teddy is older and his schedule is a bit more predictable, I might have time to blog again! Even if it’s just once a month …

I was looking at my old post and realized the last time I did a post reflection was in 2014 >< I don’t have any previous posts to reference so I’ll just do a quick highlight of what happened in 2017 and a video.

Biggest Surprise: Finding out I was pregnant in January!

International Trip: New Zealand’

Best Musical: Hamilton

Life Change: Moving (back) to NYC in July and the birth of Teddy in Sept.

Saddest Moment: Leaving my students

 Here’s to many more adventures and blog posts =)

  • aww! sad about leaving your students.. =( i am sure they miss you!

    and that was the coolest video ever, because you could literally watch the progression of your pregnancy from january all the way to baby’s arrival , then those crazy newborn days, to the end of the year with him sleeping swaddled. love how your photos go from mostly food pics to all baby pics. =)

    here’s to 2018 with new adventures and more blogging! praise God for how he sustains us and may we continue to rely on him in the new year.

    • I know! When I was looking at the video, I forgot how big my tummy got and how small Teddy was. He’s growing so fast!! 🙁

      Yay! I’m glad I have you as a friend to help me along this motherhood journey 🙂 And yes, let us praise God and rely on him especially during our hardships.

  • So nice to see an update, Hsiao-Ting! I’m sure you’re enjoying your time with your little one.