2017 Year in Review

Happy new year everyone!

I know in my previous post, I said I would re-start this blog but I didn’t fully appreciate how little time I would have to myself after giving birth. But now that Teddy is older and his schedule is a bit more predictable, I might have time to blog again! Even if it’s just once a month …

I was looking at my old post and realized the last time I did a post reflection was in 2014 >< I don’t have any previous posts to reference so I’ll just do a quick highlight of what happened in 2017 and a video.

Biggest Surprise: Finding out I was pregnant in January!

International Trip: New Zealand’

Best Musical: Hamilton

Life Change: Moving (back) to NYC in July and the birth of Teddy in Sept.

Saddest Moment: Leaving my students

 Here’s to many more adventures and blog posts =)

Back From a Two-Year Hiatus

Hi everyone! I’m back! I can’t believe it’s been two years since my last entry. That was not my original intention but changing careers, from consultant to teacher, was a shock for me and it took more time than I expected, which is why I didn’t have time to blog.

  • Got into Teach for America and was placed in the Bay Area to teach high school math. It was definitely a lot tougher than I expected and probably one of the hardest jobs I’ve had in my life. I remember staying up past midnight everyday planning and preparing. October and November are definitely the hardest months for first year teachers — I wasn’t even sure if I was going to make it. Luckily, with the support of my staff, I made it through my first and second years of teaching! Yay! It’s been an amazing journey — and the most amazing part of being a teacher is all the students I met and learned from. I’m lucky I had a great bunch of students, even those that sometimes drove me insane.
  • I was planning to stay at my school for another two years, to see my student mentees graduate, but life threw me a curve ball. Last fall, my husband took a job in NYC, which was a great opportunity for him. I wanted to at least finish my second year of teaching so I stayed in SF for the school year and I didn’t move out to NYC until this summer.
  • During my second year of teaching, I got pregnant! I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant, just waiting for this babe to come out!

So there you have it – my quick update with more posts to come!

Maximize Your Month Link-Up | August 2015 Goals

PicMonkey CollageHi hi! Welcome to Maximize Your Month Link-up. I’m co-hosting this link-up with Esther, Lindsay, Mariah, and Shannon. This link-up is for us to build a community and support each other in our goals. If you have any goals for this month, please add it to the link-up below.

Thoughts/updates this month:

  • Sorry for being so MIA on my blog. I lived in the dorms for the past 6 weeks and just completed my summer training and moved back home. Teaching is definitely a lot harder than I expected. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster and actually cried a couple of times. I was lesson planning and taking an online class so I didn’t have as much time to work on my blog as I would have liked. Hopefully I’ll have more time to work on this now! 🙂
  • There’s so many changes that need to be made in the American education system but I think that deserve a separate post. So more on that later!
  • Hearing Yeomni Park’s story is a great reminder that we shouldn’t take the everyday freedom we have for granted. It’s hard to imagine to live somewhere where the government controls everything you do, especially right now in this modern world. She’s a reminder that there are still people in North Korea that needs our help. She mentioned there is three ways we can help North Korean: 1. educate yourself so you can help raise awareness about human crisis in North Korea. 2. help and support North Korean refugees who are trying to escape to freedom. 3. petition China on repatriation.
  • This article just confirmed my assumption that TSA is a waste of taxpayer’s dollars.

Last month’s goals:

  1. Complete month 7 of #365DaysOfTruth plan. I’m still reading month 7 :'(
  2. Turn in 3 of my homework assignments on time. Completed!
  3. Blog once a week. Nope 🙁
  4. Workout once a week. Nope 🙁
  5. Learn how to play kakuro puzzle. Yes! Taught my students how to play this 🙂

This month’s goals:

  1. Prepare for my first two weeks of school.
  2. Learn all my student’s name.
  3. Blog once a week.
  4. Workout once a week.

Maximize Your Month Link-Up | July 2015 Goals

July 2015 GoalsHello everyone! Welcome to our first Maximize Your Month Link-up. I’m super excited to be co-hosting this link-up with Esther, Lindsay, Mariah, and Shannon. We figured this would be a great way for us to build a community and support each other in our goals. I hope you’ll join us for this monthly link-up.

Thoughts/updates this months:

  • I went to Caltech for the first time for a friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. One of my favorite part was when the bride and groom was giving thanks to their parents during the ceremony. The groom did a formal Korean bow to his parents, which was really touching.
  • Training started for me! Last week was my first time teaching in front of students and I felt a bit mayhem. It was definitely an emotional roller coaster for me.
  • I’m sure you’ve heard that the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage a right. What a historical moment. The timing was just perfect, right before pride weekend. It’s a bit disappointing though to hear people twittering that they want to move out of the US because of this ruling.

Last month’s goals:

  1. Complete month 6 of #365DaysOfTruth plan. I’m 9 days behind :/
  2. Pass the calculus test. I won’t find out until next week. Pray for me!
  3. Read one book this month. Haven’t done this yet :/
  4. Workout once a week. Does leading a fitness class count?
  5. Blog once a week. This obviously did not happen. I seriously do not have anytime to myself this month :/
  6. Turn in my homework assignment on time. Yes! Completed!
  7. Spend below the new calculated budget. Yes! Done!

This month’s goals:

  1. Complete month 7 of #365DaysOfTruth plan.
  2. Turn in 3 of my homework assignments on time.
  3. Blog once a week.
  4. Workout once a week.
  5. Learn how to play kakuro puzzle.

Mazimize Your Month Link Up #clearthelist

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